Fox is well known for our winter apparel and tailored blazers, we hope to keep expanding out clothing lines to keep bringing luxury styles & carefully created garments. 


As a brand we fully believe the importance of the feel good factor, whether it's getting dressed up to working out or lounging at home. Our main goal is to connect with our customers needs and produce quality staple garments that are affordable for every woman's wardrobe. 

We would like to see a reduction in fast fashion. By doing this we are providing smaller collections to emphasise the importance of structured wardrobe. By investing in classic uniform garments that are simply designed with longevity over disposable clothing.


For us, sustainability is an ongoing journey. It is a commitment we make every day through the many decisions we make as a business. Each decision, no matter how small, contributes towards an economy and society.

We realise we have a long way to go and we face new challenges every day, but we will continue working on our commitment to be a responsible fashion business focused on designing and making products which maintain their quality and relevance over time.

Our packaging is environmentally friendly. We believe it is important that we continue to enforce this, so we have introduced biodegradable packing from our clothing tags right through to our mailing bags.

Ethical material are key in our production line  such as natural materials, highest quality of wool, cashmere and leathers

We have a responsibility to ensure that we work with manufacturers and suppliers who share our values and treat their workers fairly and with respect. We have worked hard to build strong relationships with our factories and suppliers.

Supporting Small & Local Business 

Supporting other local business is a huge priority at fox all of our packaging is sourced locally we intend to keep supporting small.